Gucci acquires Boucheron, Morgan Stanley and Michel Dyens advisors


Fusions et Acquisitions – 2000

Advised by Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Gucci (AEX, NYSE, luxury ready-to-wear and leather goods, Holland) acquired Boucheron (jewelry, fragrances, Paris), a subsidiary of Schweizerhall (chemicals, luxury goods, Switzerland). Schweizerhall – which owned 100% of Boucheron – was advised by Michel Dyens Investment Bankers. The total amount of the transaction is confidential but Schweizerhall will book an extraordinary profit of 250 million CHF (1 billion FF). Created in 1858, Boucheron has built one of the top brands in the luxury industry, including jewelry, watches and fragrances. Boucheron's 1999 turnover was 184.7 million CHF (775.7 million FF), with a "positive EBIT." Gucci, also a celebrated brand in luxury jewelry and fragrances, specializes in very upscale ready-to-wear and fine leather goods.

Michel Dyens